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Determining How High Your TV Should Be

Tips on how to get your TV into the perfect viewing position

Determining How High Your TV Should Be

Have you been in a home recently that doesn't have a TV? I can’t recall being in a single home without a television and because so many of us now have flat screen displays designed to be mounted on a wall, I am often asked how high should I mount the TV.

Because the Technology Matters

Are You Planning a DIY Project in Your Home...

Because the Technology Matters

In a nutshell, the technology used in any project is vital to its success. Understanding the advantages (and disadvantages) between the various technologies available for that project is essential in the success of any system design.

What Is a Smart Lock?

You will never use keys again...

What Is a Smart Lock?

The technology we use to secure our homes has been evolving for thousands of years, but never so quickly as right now. 

New technology has transformed the humble door lock into a Smart Home Security device that enhances security with secure keyless access, user identification and even automated control of other devices around your home. 

What does it do?