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4 Smart Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Security System

4 Smart Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Security System

Rise and shine has taken on a whole new meaning at this home where the home awakens before the owners do, as the outdoor lights begin to dim, the kitchen lights activate and the window shades rise.

Think of what has changed forever in the span of the last decade. Who remembers the home phone line – or better yet, a home that has a single rotary phone that everyone in the house used? How do you watch movies at home? Most have replaced the DVDs with digital streaming. How do you send a picture of your kids to your parents? If you are like most families, you skip the printing and post it on social media or send a quick text.

Another thing you can add to the list of next generation living is home security. If you install a new system in your home today, you’ll find it easier to secure and control your home, while burglars will find it harder to pull off a home heist – or even take packages from your front porch.

Today’s best security systems come with smart home technology and a mobile app, which allows you to remotely control your system as well as other devices like locks, lights, video cameras and even your thermostat. Modern systems also offer enhanced protection from crime, with professional monitoring for emergencies and wireless communication that can’t be defeated by a semi-savvy burglar with wire cutters.

A next-generation security system combines state-of-the-art protection with the convenience of smart home technology, and it does much more for you than a traditional system can.

Here are few changes we’ve seen:

Smart features:

One of the biggest challenges with traditional security systems is forgetting to arm the system. Once you leave home, you have no way to control it. Thanks to smartphone apps, that’s all changed. You can arm a modern security system with a tap on the screen of your smartphone, whether you are upstairs in bed tucked in for the night or hundreds of miles away on vacation.

Real-time news and alerts:

An older system would only alert you when an alarm was set off. Today’s systems can alert you to a range of events via your smartphone. For example, you can get an alert when your kids arrive home, when a trusted contractor opens your smart lock, or when a video camera detects motion. You can also get notifications when something inside your home is accessed, such as a safe or a locked cabinet. Expecting a package to be delivered? Get notified the instant it arrives on your front porch.

Upgraded protection:

Older phone and cable-based security systems are easy to defeat because a burglar can cut the wires outside the home. The best modern systems use a wireless cellular connection to communicate. Even if your power is disabled or WiFi signal goes out, your home security system keeps you safe and connected.

Other emergencies:

Tied into modern security systems is the ability to detect other emergencies in your home, such as detecting smoke or a carbon monoxide leak. They are even capable of alerting you when a water pipe bursts, so you can act to prevent costly water damage.

Interested in learning more about modern security systems? Learn how they keep your family safer and more connected when you are away, give us a call at 214-396-5858.