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Launch Your Smart Home Summer With These 5 Devices

Turn your home into a Smart Home

Launch Your Smart Home Summer With These 5 Devices

Summer’s in full swing. This means days on the lake, BBQs, and evenings filled with sports and epic war movies. It seems to be the best time of the year to hang out with buddies – new and old.

One way to make the entire experience more enjoyable for both you and your guests, is to make your house smarter, through automation! Why waste valuable time away from your Summer when you can have your house take care of all life’s troubles for you?

Here are our 5 picks for smarter Summer. What does that mean for you? More time enjoying life, and less time dealing with the mundane activities, and more time enjoying those Lazy Days of Summer.

See who’s at the door with Ring’s video doorbell

One of life’s greatest disappointments is running to the door under the presupposition that you’re about to greet the pizza delivery guy, only to find that annoying neighbor who doesn’t know how to end a conversation -- when all you wanted was to just get your pizza and relax? You’re now stuck hungry, patiently listening to a neighbor on a mission, and struggling to find an excuse to exit the conversation so you can get back to the couch. What a terrible spot to be in!This is where Ring’s video doorbell comes in handy. When you hear a ring, simply pull out your smartphone and see video footage of who’s at the front door! If it’s not the pizza guy, you can simply ignore the door.

Ring is also great to make sure your packages are delivered and not stolen. Security is a huge benefit of this device and knowing who’s at your door at all times can create peace of mind.

Let people in with the Kwikset smart lock

Everyone has that friend who always shows up late. Once you’re in the middle of some serious gaming, or invested in the game on TV, having to run to the front door to let him in is quite an inconvenience.

However, if you use the Kwikset smart lock on your house, you suddenly have two options. First, you can let him in from the app on your phone. Second, you can send him a personalized access code that he can use when he arrives. Either way, you’re able to continue on with whatever you were doing – allowing late Larry to let himself in.

But this device’s usefulness doesn’t stop here. Being able to create and change multiple codes, you can let your buddy stop by and pick up your shorts on the way to the lake, or even make it easy for an AirBnB guest to get in if you’re renting out your home while out for the weekend.

Make pre-game more fun with Amazon Echo

The guys or gals are over and you’re just finishing up on the grill before the game starts. Keep the music going, control your smart lights, and answer your smartphone with both hands full, using the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo

But it gets better. By adding voice control apps, called “alexa skills”, for the Amazon Echo, you can order more pizza, if more food is needed during the party. Just activate the Domino's pizza skill, and ask Alexa to order more pizza. Meanwhile, if one of your friends, needs a ride home, you can ask Echo to order up a ride with Uber or Lyft.

Keep an eye on strangers (and buddies) with Foscam

Let’s say you’re out of the house when the appliance repair guy needs to come over to fix your stove. Using the devices above you can easily let him into your house – but what then? You definitely don’t want him snooping around where he shouldn’t. That’s where the Foscam IP Camera comes in handy.


Set this smart device up somewhere with an optimal range of sight, and you can keep your eye on anyone in your home! A nice feature of the Foscam, compared to products like a NestCam, is that you can remotely turn the camera, so you can see more of your home, with less cameras.

This camera is admittedly on the lower-end of surveillance cameras and isn't compatible with any alarm system that I am aware of though it will definitely illustrate the value of having surveillance cameras in and around your home.

Stay cool, literally, with a Smarter Thermostat

nest thermostat

You’re running late on your way home from the office and you know that some of the guys are going to beat you there. If you’re someone who cares about the environment and your electric bill, you probably didn’t leave the A/C on all day while out of the house. And now you have a problem… for the first 15-30 minutes that everyone’s over, the house will be scorching hot!

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. By using something like the Nest Smart Thermostat, you can start cooling your house down with the click of a button – while still at the office. Now the start of your party can focus on a few jokes, rather than everyone putting their head in the freezer.

Life’s never hard if you’re smart...

With the quick growth across the IoT field, it won’t be long before all of our mundane tasks and activities will be taken care of by smart devices. Whether that’s answering the door, changing the temperature, or starting up the oven. Only our imaginations limit the possibilities.

The devices above are great are their own, but they are even better when working together as a system. To keep from buying hardware that may become obsolete within a year or so, I recommend using the Home Automation Features of Alarm.com. Setup rules and moods so that each action activates another. The best part is that you can even control most of these devices within the Alarm.com app

The smart home is no longer a dream of what might happen in the future, it’s reality!

Why not enjoy more of your summer by making your home smarter? Call us today at 214-396-5858 and tell us of your automation desires and let us help you turn your home into a Smart Home.

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