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Streamline Your Morning Routine with Smart Home Technology

How Homeowners can employ a Home Automation system to get their day started simply and smoothly

Rise and shine has taken on a whole new meaning at this home where the home awakens before the owners do, as the outdoor lights begin to dim, the kitchen lights activate and the window shades rise.

Are you finding the morning routing the most hectic portion of your busy day? A simple solution to eliminate the morning chaos is to employ a home control system to orchestrate operation the various electronic devices in your home. And it’s not just the morning routine that the automation system has streamlined. The sophisticated home control system can make your home run like a well-oiled machine all day long.

Getting your Home to Cater to your Busy Lifestyle

The “Morning” scene is just one of many different scenes designed to fit a homeowners lifestyle, even when you aren’t home. A customized home automation/control system that takes command of your home’s lighting, entertainment gear, thermostats, security system, and even the gas fireplace.

With today’s home-automation technology, we can now get most residential ecosystems automated, like the music, lighting, HVAC and shades.

While you go about your daily routine, so does your house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take over and “drive” when you want to. While some scenes like “Morning” are set to run automatically, others can be triggered manually interacting with touchscreens, remotes, keypads located in various places throughout your home – or use your web-enabled SmartDevice.

Lighting Leads the Way

Most of our homeowners start with automation designed to operate various elements of your home’s lights. Lighting is the most important system in your home as you always have to have lights. Deploying automation, certain lights illuminate automatically in the morning and at dusk, and dim to five percent in the hallways during the night. “That’s enough light for someone to walk around safely, but not too much to disturb someone who is sleeping. “The “Night” scene will also keep the outside lights on from dusk to dawn.

Made in the Shade

With the large number of windows in the typical North Texas home, most of which have at least one set of patio doors, the next order of business is to automating shading. When the large number of windows and shades on every window, the thought of opening every single shade can be a little overwhelming. Why not deploy your home automation system to command the shades to open and close automatically throughout the day.

For example, the living room shades lower midday, just as the sun’s rays begin to stream through the living room window. This helps keep the room cool without taxing your home’s HVAC system. It also helps protect your furnishings and carpet from UV damage.

The time-of-day control is handled by the automations system’s built-in astronomical timeclock, which dispatches commands based on the daily sunrise and sunset. The astronomical clock allows for spot-on automation control which varies depending on the position of the sun. Most of our customers also program a “Privacy” scene that signals the shades in a given room to open or close or set a different command to close all of the shades.

Concert Quality Sound

Once a homeowner becomes comfortable with the lighting and shading operation, we then began to deploy the home’s audio and video systems, with audio taking priority is most cases. Do you have a huge collection of music and want to listen to all of your music uncompressed; the way it was recorded? We can load all of your music and movies onto a digital media server and install high-quality ceiling speakers to play it back at the best possible quality. This is not to say that wall speakers are not possible; they are just more directional.

Audio sources include the media server, AM, FM and satellite radio, plus a docking station for your smartphone. Video sources include cable, Apple-TV, and a movie server for DVD and Blu-ray discs. Each room has a digital scene/light switch, keypad or touchscreen for full room control. You can select audio sources, browse through music libraries, play songs, and adjust volume from the touchscreen or keypad in the room. For addition convenience, the light switch can also feature buttons for volume control. It’s can truly be a concert-hall experience.

Simply Stated

Most of our customers want the system to be simple to operate, even though there can be many components to a system. From the kitchen touchscreen, you can simply drag-and-drop an audio or video source icon onto the room or area you choose and instantly enjoy the content. You can call up any programmed scene, check the weather, control the lighting and shade position in any given room, adjust the heating or air conditioning, and even go online, all by simply touching an icon.

As many of us now do at least some portion of our job at home, you can also deploy the ability to project you laptop contents onto any video display in your home, allowing you to easily finish that last document at home without having a dedicated office. Instead of having an ugly computer display sitting on a desk in the middle of the room, just pull up a chair and display your laptop on your large screen TV.

Don’t Panic

After living in your automated home for a while, many add and subtract things after figuring out your routine. We have many presets that we can add into your system for just about every scenario, even ones that you hope to never use. We can program a “Panic” button flashes all the lights in and outside your home until help arrives, and leaving for vacation couldn’t be any easier. If you are headed out on vacation, press a “Vacation” button and it simulates your behavior when you’re home. So the lights go on and off and the shades go up and down, making it look like you’re home.

Welcome Home

It’s always good to arrive home after a long day’s work, but in an automated home, coming home is as simple and welcoming as possible. A push of the garage door opener triggers the garage lights, the interior hallway lights that lead to the kitchen, and several other lights, while soft music begins to play throughout your home. Without a doubt, home automation can provide you the kind of living experience you are looking for.

With technology available today, you can have a luxurious living environment, making life simpler, safe, and stress-free – and its affordable.

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