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The foundation of every smart home or home entertainment system is a powerful and reliable network

How is the speed and performance of your network?

The foundation of every smart home or home entertainment system is a powerful and reliable network

Though our business strategy to deliver unparalleled customer service from design through implementation has not changed, we often get request to help design the prewire scenario for home-theaters/home-entertainment systems, both new and existing construction.

This request and the overall DIY movement has been witness to our offerings evolving a bit over the last few years. We now design prewires, provide checklists, ship bulk-wire and supplies to your house, and whatever else you might need to prewire your own home.

We’ve even started building out media racks, pre-programming them and shipping them to Clients along with speakers and other supplies for customers to finish. Cutting holes in your walls and ceiling can be a daunting, overwhelming, and time-consuming, so you do as much as you want to do, and then when you’re ready for some extra help, you let us know and we’ll help wherever we can.

Can you get away without running cable and relying solely on wireless?

We’re often asked if it’s still worth it and/or necessary to prewire your home with all the advances in wireless technology. Yes! Prewire, absolutely prewire!

Wireless has come a long way, and we use it in almost every Smart Home and Audio/Video System we install, but we still want the wire to do the heavy lifting. It’s like cars and trucks. Trucks, or  in the case of your home the wire, does the heavy lifting. So, it carries the 4K video Content, hardwires the network into your TV’s, carries High Res Audio to your speakers, connects and powers your surveillance cameras, etc. The cars, or the wireless in the case of your home, do the light work. Lighting Control, Climate Control, Door Locks etc. You will definitely want a combination of both in your home but will want the wire for sure.

If you have questions about your prewire project, network, Smart Home or Audio/Video System be sure to contact us. We’d love to help. Call us at 214-396-5858.

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JT Harvey Jr

JT Harvey Jr

As a ProAV/IT Solutions Architect, it is my job to design and sell AV/IT and automation solutions that will satisfy the clients needs both now and in the future.

I have been fortunate to have consulted with hundreds of church, museum and corporate accounts over the last several years regarding their AV/IT and automation needs, never losing sight that the AV/IT industry is a service industry

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