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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Surveillance System

Why you need a Home Security/Surveillance System

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Surveillance System

With the advancement of the technology and the falling prices of surveillance cameras and other electronic devices, home surveillance systems have become a common household option. Only a few years ago, a residential surveillance system was considered a high tech luxury item, limited to a multimillionaire’s mansion.

On the other hand, crime seems to be on the rise with everyone looking at every possible protection method. Though people may choose home surveillance systems for a variety of reasons, here are five of the top reasons for you to install a surveillance system in your house.

Feel Safe and Sleep Tight

Most people are afraid of being robbed. It may not be to the level of a phobia, such as Harpaxophobia, the fear of being robbed or scelerophibia, the fear of bad men, i.e.: burglars, but most of us have experienced that awkward feeling of being awaken in the middle of the night from an unknown noise.

A home surveillance system interconnected with your home security system is the perfect answer to such worries.

With the right surveillance system installed, you can view the front door, back door and any other possible entry points from the comfort of your bedroom. You can even pay a fee to a security monitoring company and have them monitor the house using your surveillance system all day long. It may cost a bit, but the secure feeling you get from such a system is priceless.

Discourage Potential Burglars

The best way to keep from being burglarized is to discourage potential criminals from attempting a burglary in the first place. If you install a surveillance system with visible cameras, burglars will often look for other, less secure targets.

Some people use dummy cameras for this purpose. These are non-functioning cameras with beeping red lights that give a very close resemblance to real cameras where it takes an expert, with very close inspection to tell the difference. This is definitely a starting point though there is so much more that a surveillance system can provide.

As Court Evidence

Most of the time, when houses are broken into, the burglars leave little to no evidence behind. With a home surveillance system, you will have hard all the evidence necessary to provide law enforcement to evidence necessary to capture the criminals and bring them before the courts.

With the surveillance videos being captured remotely, criminals won’t have the opportunity to destroy the incriminating, recorded data, even if they turn your house upside down.

Nanny Cameras

Some parents are never 100% comfortable without a direct view of their children. A camera inside your home, focused on the main living area or in your child’s room will allow you to monitor the activities from your smartphone, tablet or laptop even if you are many miles away.

For most parents, its not about catching a nanny or a babysitter abusing your, it’s about the security, comfort and peace-of-mind your surveillance system will proved while you away knowing that at any time you can peek in and see what your child is up to.

Keeping Informed

Other than the advantages given above, some people just want to stay informed. They prefer to know who’s by the front door before they open the door or who is hanging around in your backyard without being invited. If you feel the same way, then you will appreciate a surveillance system which shows you who is walking up to the door long before you stand up from your chair.

Advantages of a home surveillance system are many. In the modern world you will never be, or feel fully secure without one. And with the current prices, there is little argument for not having one either.
If you are one of the few that don’t have a surveillance system, call us today at 214-396-5858 and we will get yours installed right away.

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