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Because the Technology Matters

Are You Planning a DIY Project in Your Home...

In a nutshell, the technology used in any project is vital to its success. Understanding the advantages (and disadvantages) between the various technologies available for that project is essential in the success of any system design.

In our experience, poor end-user satisfaction is caused simply by specifying the wrong product or trying to force a product to do something it was not designed to do. Square peg, round hole.

Before designing any system, a full understanding of the requirements and priorities is key; with careful consideration of the scale, scope and performance expectations.

• Single room, multiple rooms or the entire house?
• How large is the house and how far apart are the rooms?
• Automation, audio, video, security or surveillance – or some combination of all?
• If video is involved, how large are the display devices and what is the desired image?
• Are there bandwidth requirements to consider?
• Is flexibility important?
• Will anything be changed, updated, or be added to in future?
• What level of control is needed?

Answers to these kinds of questions will help identify which technology(s) is best for your application.

In addition, reducing the number of active components in any installation is equally important to system performance and reliability. In the industry, we often refer to this as reducing failure points. Features like PoE (power over Ethernet) powering transmitters, receivers, cameras, etc., removes the need for external power supplies; a potential failure point in the system.

The technology matters and if you understand the options available to you, it places you in a far better position to make the right decisions for your project.

Do you have a security system, surveillance camera, automation, audio or video project in your future? Calls us today at 214-396-5858 and let’s talk about the options that are available.

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