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When you turn the clocks ahead, don't forget to also do this one crucial thing

When you adjust the clocks for daylight saving time, make sure you do this other very important chore, too

When you turn the clocks ahead, don't forget to also do this one crucial thing

Reminders to “spring forward” to accommodate the annual change to daylight saving time are virtually everywhere, but clocks are not the only things that require our attention, says Prosper Fire Chief, Stuart Blasingame.

“While daylight saving time officially begins at 2:00am on Sunday, March 11th, many families reset their clocks the night before, “he said. “While that’s taking place, we encourage families to check the batteries in the homes smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors as well.”

“A working smoke alarm can give you and your family the critical extra seconds to make a safe escape from a fire,” said Chief Blasingame and “cut the risk of dying in a home fire nearly in half.”


Checking smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors and alarms and changing the batteries where necessary are amongst the most effective and least expensive things that can protect family members. It’s critical that these life-saving devices operate at their peak and checking or changing batteries when resetting the clocks keeps them at their optimum efficiency. But don’t stop there. Offer to change and check batteries in all of these devices for elderly family members or neighbors, too.

“Unfortunately, we don’t think about these things until we hear of a tragedy somewhere, “ he said. “Changing the clocks, whether forward or backward, should be an immediate trigger to our memories regarding these life-saving devices. We know that a fire doubles in size every 30-seconds. The alarm just might give you and your family the time you need to get out safely.”

Checking, and if necessary, changing the batteries on each alarm or detection device at the same time clocks are reset can give residents peace of mind and, likely, a good night’s sleep.

“There should be a smoke detector outside each separate sleeping area, and one every level of your home. Smoke alarms, properly positioned and in good working order, have proven time and time again that they save lives, “ he said.


Before you head to the store to buy batteries, you should know that the International Association of Fire Chiefs suggests replacing smoke detectors and smoke alarms every 10 years. How old are your smoke detectors and smoke alarms? Don’t rely on outdated or worn-out devices to protect your family. Replace them.

To add even more valuable time for your family to escape a working house fire, consider adding detectors that are interconnected with your security system. Usually, when a fire breaks, people detect it by sensing the smell of smoke. If you are home and the fire breaks during the daytime, it is easy to sense and do something about it. But what if fire breaks out during the night or you are away from home?

With your 24x7x365 monitored security system, should the smoke detector detect smoke or a rapid rise in heat, your system will immediately notify authorities, saving valuable time and potentially saving life and property. Your security system can even be configured to send you a text or email alert should you be away from home.


Purchasing a monitored IHAAVS smoke detector for improving your home security system will help you keep your family safe from any type of fire emergency whether you are at home or away from home.

To learn more about how to incorporate smoke detectors into your home security system call us today at 214-396-5858. We will be happy to assist you in finding solutions to help keep your family safe and secure.

From now until the end of March 2018, install a security system or activate security monitoring and receive free installation with every and monitoring package purchased.*

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