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Articles tagged with: Home Automation

A Glance at Top Trends in Smart Home Technology

My top-10 future technology developments to keep an eye on

A Glance at Top Trends in Smart Home Technology

Home technology is always moving, always improving, always promising to provide ease and convenience to our lives. So what sort of innovations stand to make a big impact? I caught a glimpse of the very near future at the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) Expo held recently here in Dallas.

Here are 10 developments you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Hacked Security Cameras, DVRs Cause Massive DDoS Internet Attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks carried out by hackers using as many as one million Chinese-made security cameras

Hacked Security Cameras, DVRs Cause Massive DDoS Internet Attacks

I am often asked, why should I buy a surveillance system from IHAAVS when I can buy one from one of the big-box stores and possible save money.

Though there are many reasons, today, a million-plus surveillance system owners are learning one of the largest reasons first hand - and that reason is local warranty and support.

Dahua, one of the world’s largest suppliers of surveillance cameras and NVRs, has suffered a DDoS attack, rendering about one million surveillance devices useless. Apparently, malware was responsible for attacking older devices with outdated software, as well as systems with weak or non-existent passwords.

Hackers seized control of countless security cameras and DVRs to unleash several massive Internet attacks last week, setting off fresh concerns about the susceptibility of connected devices in homes and businesses.

Smart Home = Sold Home

SMART Home Technology is a Major Sales Driver in Today's Marketplace

Smart Home = Sold Home

In my last post, I talked about Smart Thermostats basics. In this post, we will add another layer to the Smart home and talk about locks.

Last month, the home tech pros from across the US, including myself, were in Dallas for CEDIA. At this year’s Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) show, a few of us had the pleasure of educating a hundred or so real estate professionals from across the Metroplex on how to understand the tech that is selling houses. The message? Simply put, tech sells houses – so they were attending to learn from the experts how to talk about it.

3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Smart Thermostat

The type of thermostat, how many to buy, and automation options are key elements to consider

3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Smart Thermostat

As summer comes to an end and we begin to spend more time indoors, many of us are looking to find ways to make our homes more comfortable. One way to accomplish this is through automation and can be as simple and inexpensive as changing the thermostat.

If you consider your thermostat to be something that gets turned up when you’re cold and down when you’re warm, you may wonder why you need a smart thermostat in your home. The answer, it seems, may just come down to dollars and cents. According to Energy Star, a programmable thermostat can save about $180 each year in energy costs. That’s an amount that adds up, even when considering the cost of a smart model.